Welcome, Ongi Etorri…


Elisabeth and Paul would be delighted to welcome you at the “Villa le Goeland“.
This beautiful manor with its traditional architecture has been in our family for generations,
Extremely well placed in the town and only 50 meters from one of the most beautiful beaches in Biarritz.
You can experience a 180° panoramic view from Spain in the south to the French coast in the North from the comfort of the villas large rooms. With the building being centrally located, you can take advantage of all the shopping, sportingand cultural activities offered in the town. Being a family home, we have no main dining facilities, however we can direct you to the vast array of nearby restaurants, offering both fine dining and local cuisine. Constructed in the 18th Century, the Villa was first known as the Villa Ravize and subsequently was called the Villa Montebello, until it underwent its last extensive architectural modification in 1900 and 1903 whereafter it was transformed into the “Villa le Goeland“.

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